Accessing new talent at all levels

Catering for future roles, leadership positions and accessing the best talent, means we need to re-think what we require from new hirers. There is strong push towards hiring based on enterprise skills, potential and creating strong training program to fill skill gaps. 

If the banking royal commission has shown us anything it is that the best person on paper, does not always result in the best outcome for the company. PWC believes there is an "opportunity for more rigour in the way banks select and evaluate candidates for roles". They should "focus on more testing for personality traits rather than technical skill, knowledge and experience, which can be acquired". 

This new model of thinking also recognises the needs of transitional and non-linear careers and the changes to the modern workforce. Australia Post is a great example of overcoming these challenges by creating paths for those who want to work in tech, but don’t have the tech skills. The Tech Academy recently recruited 20 diverse individuals across different industries. Australia Post saw the value in getting the right person and providing them with the technical support to reinvent themselves and fill the “gap”.  

Our capacity to respond to the challenges of finding the right person and keeping up with the changes in society is crucial and organisations who can adapt and be innovative in their hiring model and training will form a strong point of differentiation. 

Hiring for the modern workforce:

  • Be innovative in recruitment programmes to attract diverse and skilled candidates

  • Be innovative in the tools you use to assess competence and “the right person”

  • Be innovative in how you onboard and deliver programs to fill the “gap”

  • Be Innovative in evolving your culture and processes to keep up

Michelle Ayyuce