217 years to gender equality? It doesn’t have to be!

Currently it will take 217 years for gender equality in the Australian workforce. That is 217 years before women and men have access to the same opportunities in the workplace across pay, level and participation.

If this isn’t enough to make you go what the ?&%, how about the fact that it has gone up 80 years since 2014. Yep, it has gone up. 

Although it may feel like these numbers are removed from your day to day work, you have the power to lead the change.  If you hire people, if you are a leader, an executive, or run a business/division YOU have an opportunity to start making a difference to reducing this number. 

Not because it is the right thing to do, but because it impacts business performance. “Talent is one of the most essential factors for growth and competiveness.” and it impacts the type of world we will live in tommorow. 

When women and girls are not integrated – as both beneficiary and shapers – the global community loses out on skills, ideas, perspectives”

A key to reducing the years to equality is through Career Returners, who are a massive untapped pool of talent in Australia. The current barriers to re-entry for someone who has had a career break are unnecessarily high, resulting in businesses not accessing 100% talent pool.

ZIPWIRE was created because we know that there are thousands of women on career breaks across Australia (at least 230,000) that are educated, experienced and motivated and WANT to resume their careers. Why aren’t we focusing on career returners to build the pipeline of talent with proven individuals?

If talent aquation strategies focused on career returners we would increase women’s workforce participation, returners would have access to meaningful roles that utilise their skills and we would create more diverse and high performing workforces.  

Let’s start focusing on those not in the system and start moving forward at speed!

Michelle Ayyuce