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My 14 years of professional experience extends across both the IT and Health sectors during which time I held senior strategic sales, marketing and operational roles. Since starting my family over a decade ago and stopping full time work, I have navigated part time roles, created a start-up business and have had a complete four year career break whilst raising my three children. I am a passionate advocate for supporting individuals who are looking to return to work after a career break. I am also committed to creating equal access to genuine employment opportunities that align to the returners existing capabilities and skills. I am convinced that the Australian workforce and Australian society not only needs, but will benefit from a shift in attitudes to workforce participation that are inclusive of all these individuals.




My background is diverse with over 20 years' experience in education, facilitation, learning design and leadership development. I am a perpetual learner and educator who gets a serious kick out of solving complex problems and implementing smart solutions. I thrive on transferring knowledge and untapping human potential for optimal productivity. I’ve had a non-linear career with a mix of traditional employment, self-employment, volunteer work, further study and I’ve been primary carer for my two children – who are growing up way too fast! I am passionate about flipping the status quo on workforce practices and creating new opportunities that benefit all of our society.  

We have a lot of great women sitting on the bench, how do we get them back into the game
— Brenda Barnes Former CEO Sara Lee