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Have you stepped out of your career and are now ready to return?

It may be a thought bubble or you may be actively looking for a role. One thing we know for certain is that the return to work journey can be an isolating and sometimes frustrating experience for many seeking to return after a career a break.  

ZIPWIRE is 100% focused on mobilising talent back into the workforce. Our mission is to support the thousands of supremely talented women, just like you, who are currently ‘locked out’ of and in need of support with transitioning back to work. 

Our flagship information and workshop series Reset, Ready, Go! is designed to give you the strategies to return to a career with purpose and opportunity. Reset, Ready, Go! will help you to renew your professional identity, provide clarity on your professional value and show you how to build important and productive return-to-work networks. 

Our programs are supported by organisations who want to access untapped talent, industry groups building gender balance into their sectors and government bodies looking to increase workforce participation and skills utilisation.

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ZIPWIRE opens the two-way vault that exists between returners and businesses and creates a segway that will fast track you into meaningful employment.


  • Individuals who have had a career break of 2+ years.

  • 8+ years of professional experience prior to your career break.

  • From any industry

  • All stages of the re-entry journey


Well to start with, why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Our workshops are interactive, human-centric and designed to mobilise you through all stages of your re-entry journey.

The Reset, Ready, Go! program has been developed and tested to identify the barriers returners actually face, providing a practical and resourceful road map which is easy to follow and which creates a positive, focused mindset from which to commence the return journey. 

We have adopted a holistic philosophy that extends beyond the practical elements of re-entering the workforce to also encompass shifting mindset, planning for balance and re-defining your capabilities within today’s business language.

We have developed three distinct workshops tailored to every stage of the the return-to-work journey.


1. Return to Work Information Session – As the first step on the Reset, Ready, Go! program, this session will provide you with an overview of the current return-to-work landscape together with a high-level overview of the initial critical actions in your return to work journey. Our goal is not to overwhelm you, but to inspire you in a supportive and proactive environment to keep going.

2. Return to Work Workshop – You have clarified and confirmed your decision to return to work and have started to take those initial steps to commence finding a role. But, you feel stuck and still are not 100% confident that you are heading in the right direction. You know the job market has changed, you’re not sure where you fit in this new landscape and you’re still unsure of the best approach to achieve your goal. This workshop will kick you into the next gear building your confidence, focus and clarifying your direction. We delve more deeply into both the personal and professional barriers that stand in your way and identify strategies to overcome these.

3. Career Relaunch Day – You are well travelled along your return to work path. You have applied for roles without success or may even be in a “holding” role, because you haven’t quite yet been able to overcome the gap barriers. Game on! Our career relaunch day will give you the strategies required to move you into the meaningful, rewarding role you’ve been seeking and provide direct access to businesses seeking talent like yours.

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Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.
— Brene Brown