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Does your business want to win the war on talent?


ZIPWIRE connects organisations and industry with experienced professionals who have had a non-linear career. We do this via our flagship career returner series, Reset, Ready, Go!, an initiative that allows:

  • Organisations to access experienced mid-career professionals 

  • Industry groups to support and build a strong pool of qualified talent 

  • Governments to drive greater work force participation and skill utilisation across all sectors.

We know that thousands of smart capable Australian women are not returning to their careers or working below their competency. Most will not apply for advertised roles, they are screened out when they do or are seen as a high risk to hire. 


Returners need a targeted and proactive approach to enable a faster transition back in to roles that align to their experience and capability.


Our program focuses on 3 key stages of the return to work journey. Each stage addresses specific needs and barriers. This methodology delivers increased engagement and proven mobilisation of returners, it speeds up the re-entry process and empowers returners to position themselves at their skill level. Delivered in partnership with organisations our programs will deliver change and stop the talent drain.




If you a looking to engage with returners on scale, our information session series provides a vehicle for both organisations and returners to take the first step. By running this program returners move from been overwhelmed & alone to one of opportunity & inclusion. Let’s move them forward and start to regain the lost talent!




Whilst returners may be committed to returning, the speed of re-entry can be slow. This half day program prepares the returners with the tools, networks, and support to accelerate their return to work journey. The more returners can feel valued and included, the greater the chance of workforce participation into roles that fully utilise their experience. Now that’s a game changer!




Add this to your talent acquisition strategy!  A targeted approach to expand your talent search and reach candidates who are currently not applying. Hosted jointly with ZIPWIRE this one-day workshop will provide advanced return-to-work support for participants, employer speaker sessions and networking opportunities with potential candidates. 

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75% of women who have taken a career break want to resume their careers
— PWC/ 30% Club 2017